We’re Hiring Sales Reps Across the Country!

Our Mission: “To make high quality, highly effective hemp and CBD products available to everyone who needs them. And to keep the hemp and CBD industry in the hands of the people who are passionate about it.” 

First of all, here’s a little background on me and the company I’ve built (LuvBud Ltd. and TheLuvCBD). My passion for hemp(Cannabis) started over 10 years ago. I was in a bad accident where I was hit head-on by a tour bus while riding my motorcycle to work one day. This event changed my life because from this day forward I had to deal with the pain associated with the injuries I sustained in the accident. Of course the answer from the doctors was opiate pain killers. In fact I still have a very clear memory of the very first E.R. nurse meeting me on my way through the doors to the E.R.. He approached me with his hand out and dropped 2 750mg Vicodin pills in my hand and said “Chew these, they’ll work faster.”

Fast forward through 6 months of physical therapy, painful massage, and chiropractic adjustments where I find myself living in a 1973 Dodge Sportsman RV in a campground just outside of Fort Collins, Colorado. I went to a doctor to get approved to use and grow medical marijuana. I spent the first 8 months in Colorado tending bar at The Marriott and teaching myself how to grow the best cannabis I possibly could. It became my everything. I ate, drank, and slept cannabis cultivation. It was the most rewarding hobby I’ve ever had! When it became apparent I was doing something special and better than anyone I had met, I decided to apply to work at a dispensary. When I applied I was told I was the only applicant who had a resume. And with 6 pages of qualifications to work in the cannabis industry at that. I was hired on the spot! From the very first day on the job I was the go-to person for every question that had come up within the dispensary. The grower, the trim crew, and the owner had tons of questions. I instantly began improving the processes the team of employees were performing. After only a month I was asked to work directly with the grower who managed the 700+ plants that produced the dispensary’s stock. He was really more of a maintenance man. He had no clue what the plants needed, he just followed orders from the owner who was grasping at straws and thumbing through the pages of the “Canna Bible” for what to do. Next, I began to develop new practices for making hash and extracts. I created Sub-Zero Kief, Full Melt Bubble Hash, Wax, and a THC rich drink known as “The Funk Shake”. I was promoted to “Master of Extractions” and was made the Assistant Manager of the entire dispensary in just under 6 months. I was the 1st State Licensed “Extraction Artist” in Fort Collins, CO. In just a few more months I was made the Manager and was given a percentage of the dispensary’s monthly revenue.

About a year after that the City of Fort Collins voted to have all dispensaries with-in city limits close their doors. This created a frenzy among the customers and patients of the dispensaries city wide. And with my well know reputation in town, LuvBud Ltd. was born!

I rented a large warehouse right in between New Belgium Brewery and Odell Brewery in Fort Collins. I signed up patients who had medical marijuana licenses and began to grow their medicine for them. I created new products to suit my patients needs. Including salves for pain and skin problems. Edible products such as tinctures, capsules, drinks, candies and edible butters and oils. Plus, extracts that can be vaporized safely, for instant absorption without the carcinogens of smoking. Some extracts up to 99.9% purity!

Business expanded so fast over the next 2 years that I outgrew the warehouse I was working out of. I bought 5 acres just a few miles outside of Fort Collins and built my own building twice the size of the one I was renting and running previously. After only 2 years of operating out of the new warehouse, congress passed “The Farm Bill” in December of 2018. Which legalized the production and sales of Hemp products nationwide! Thus, TheLuvCBD was born.

Just a week or two later, in January of 2019 the website (TheLuvCBD.com) went live. With no financial aid or corporate backing I personally built up the company to what it is today. I decided to only use the recipes I had developed over the years that were 100% healthy. Therefore, we don’t offer candy, sugary edible products, or anything combustible that can carry carcinogens. All of the ingredients we use in our products are natural, organic, and wild harvested. And what’s most important, we’ve stayed true to my mission to make the products available to everyone by keeping the prices as low as possible. Compare our prices to other companies out there, our prices are always lower, not because we use inferior ingredients. Mostly because we don’t have high paid CEO’s and ridiculous advertising budgets. Which is where you come in! 

The Sales Reps positions we’re offering are not an hourly gig. They are a welcoming to our family, where you will be making 10% of every wholesale order a customer you’ve connected us with ever makes! That means you can visit a business once and get a check for 10% of the products they order for the life of their account with us. You will receive a check every time they order, whether they place an order through you, or through us directly. You won’t have to purchase our products first to sell to your customers. Although you are encouraged to visit or contact them to mention new products and up-sell them, based on the experience you pick up along the way. 

This is a new program and we are open to suggestions. We will be making small adjustments along the way and creating new tools for you to use, in order to help make the program more successful. If this opportunity sounds like something you’re interested in please click here and fill out the short employment form. And feel free to add any suggestions you may already have.

Let’s take this small, employee owned business and grow it into a huge, healthy, and potent tree! Just like the very plant OUR company relies on. One who’s roots and branches stretch across the entire country, providing nourishment for everyone it comes in contact with. All while casting a shadow on the greedy corporations who only want to get rich while flooding the markets with inferior products.

Chris Pace of LuvBud Ltd. and TheLuvCBD.com

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