Pure CBD Pet Tincture


CBD goes to work by triggering the body’s Endo Cannabinoid System which activates your immune system. When your immune system is healthy it is able to remove inflammation, relieve pain, and protect the body from bacteria and viruses.
CBD has the ability to work with your pet’s body to get back into homeostasis. Allowing you to feel your very best without any psychoactive effects.
Say NO to pharmaceutical drugs. And their long list of dangerous side-effects.
Take a step towards healing the cause rather than treating the effects of being unhealthy.
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Pure CBD Pet Tinctures are the easiest way to give our pets the exact amount of CBD they need with none of the things they don’t. Our tinctures come with a metered pipette so you don’t have to guess on dosage. They are made with only two ingredients: Organic MCT Coconut Oil and 100% Pure CBD Isolate.

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10mg of CBD per Dose = 300mg of CBD per Bottle, 25mg of CBD per Dose = 750mg of CBD per Bottle, 50mg of CBD per Dose = 1500mg of CBD per Bottle


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