Is CBD Right for Me and Where Do I Start?

CBD Can Be Safe and Effective for All Ages

Are you curious about Cannabidiol, or CBD but don’t know where to start? Maybe you have tried a few CBD supplements and didn’t get the results you expected. Well, you are not alone.

There are countless CBD case studies that end with positive results for all kinds of people with different conditions, but more research is needed when it comes to finding the right extract, delivery methods, and dose that works best for you. Luckily, I’ve done some of the work for you, and potentially found a good answer to all of those important questions. 

Every ECS is Different, but Studies Show CBD Works.

CBD affects each person differently because everyone’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) is different. The ECS is a system in your body that regulates functions like sleep, mood, appetite, pain, and stress, just to name a few. Experts are still debating on exactly how CBD interacts with a person’s ECS, however, the overall consensus is that CBD does help with chronic pain, epilepsy, insomnia, anxiety, and even acne. The list continues to grow as research continues. 

How Much CBD Should I Take?

What experts are still working on, is finding the right dosage for each person’s different ECS and condition. For example, a clinical trial in Brazil found that 300mg of CBD was the proper dose when treating most males with speech anxiety. Doses over 300mg did not show significant increased results, and doses under 300mg showed little, if any, results. It is important to take time and find that “sweet” spot for your own treatment. CBD may work for you right away, or it may take some time to find the right dosage and extracts that work best for your ECS and condition.

Wide Variety of CBD Options

What type of CBD should I Use?

This is that part that is easier said than done. CBD has hit the market by storm, and the number of products, doses, and extracts that are available can seem a little overwhelming. Trust me, I feel the same way. Everything from salves, oils, tinctures, capsules, etc, are all available to pick and choose from. This isn’t really a bad thing because options are good, but it can also be hard to know where to start and which product is right for your situation. 

When choosing a product, it is important to consider the extract, absorption time, and delivery method. For example, a salve may better for immediate pain relief but will have to be applied more often. Whereas, a tincture or pill may be better for long term pain relief but will take longer to take effect. When first starting out, effects could possibly take weeks or months. A combination of the two may be best for immediate and long-term relief. The extract and company you buy from is most important though. You need to make sure the company and their extracts are backed by a certificate of analysis from a certified lab, or no matter what product you choose, it may not work at all. Find out more about the different extracts used in CBD products in this article. 

A Simple Solution: Where to Start with CBD.

At the end of the day, it is important to be patient, consistent and ensure your CBD is certified when it comes to finding the right treatment for you. You could start by trying one product at a time, or speed up the process with a wellness package from that allows you to try different delivery methods and doses without all of the confusion. Plus you’ll save a bunch for buying a bundled package. TheLuv is a company you can trust with a brand that I can stand by. Their Pure CBD Aches and Sprains Salve has been a game changer for me when it comes to reducing pain in my upper back. Relief is almost immediate and it lasts for hours before I have to reapply. Whatever your condition, it is worth the work and the patience to enjoy well deserved relief and happiness CBD can provide.

By Adam Ekstedt

Bio- Adam is a freelance content writer in Colorado with a BA in Communication Studies and Sustainability from Colorado State University. He is passionate about humanity and seeks to create positive change in people’s lives and the health of our beautiful planet. He aims to bring an unbiased and objective approach to important issues that affect our everyday lives.

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