How To Choose A Supplement?

What Is CBD?

CBD is active, but not Psychoactive.


I’ve been talking with a lot of people lately about CBD supplements. And the question I get asked more than any other is “What’s the difference between PURE CBD ISOLATE, HEMP OIL, CBD OIL, AND HEMP SEED OIL. I realized when you haven’t researched CBD for years it can be tricky to decipher the labels of the numerous CBD Products out there. So I’d like to help clear up the confusion šŸ™‚
1. Pure CBD Isolate is the only form of CBD that is even close to 100% CBD. It varies slightly from batch to batch. But is never below 99% Pure CBD. Which means 1000mg of CBD Isolate is between 990mg and 1000mg of CBD. And it contains ZERO mg of THC. The small % that isn’t CBD is merely inert or inactive plant oils. This extract is all we use in our products and is the best form of CBD for supplements and topicals.
2. Full Spectrum Hemp Oil varies greatly. It is usually around 3.5% CBD. That means 1000mg of Full Spectrum Hemp oil is only 35mg of CBD. And it can contain THC.
3. Full Spectrum CBD Oil also varies greatly. At best it is only 20% CBD. So for 1000mg of CBD oil you only get 200mg of CBD. And it also can contain THC.
4. Hemp Seed Oil contains almost no CBD at all. It is usually less than 1% CBD. So for 1000mg of Hemp Seed Oil you only get 10mg of CBD. And it also can contain THC. Though it likely won’t. All of the Hemp Products you can buy on Amazon are Hemp Seed Oil!

Which means 1000mg is 1000mg of Pure CBD!
Please don’t be fooled by inferior products!
We believe in total transparency with our customers.
We use only ORGANIC and Wild HarvestedĀ ingredients. Although Hemp cannot be USDA Organic all of our Hemp is grown with Organic practices. And our extracts are made with CO2 so there are no solvents used.

The most beneficial way to use CBD Supplements is to take them everyday. There is an accumulative effect when taken daily that helps maintain homeostasis in the endocannabinoid system which regulates fertility, pregnancy, reproductive systems, appetite and hunger, the digestive systems, sleep, motor function,pain and pleasure,immune functions like pain and inflammation, temperature, mood and memory. Your endocannabinoid system has more receptors than any other receptors in your brain and body. To ignore it’s existence would be a huge mistake.

Your body creates its own cannabinoid called Anandamide which when absorbed by the CB1 receptor creates the feeling of bliss and well being. Outside factors like stress, prescription drugs, unhealthy eating habits as well as many other factors causes the body to overproduce Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolyase or FAAH enzymes that destroy Anandaminde in the body. Causing anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness long-term. CBD has been proven to deactivate FAAH and when taken daily, to restore healthy levels of Anandamide in the body. Helping to fight depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Cannabidiol (CBD) activates and strengthens the immune system. Which manages pain and inflammation as well as regenerating new cells and tissues in the body.

Topical use of CBD is great for local application. Our salves and lip balms are made with organic and wild harvested herbs that help draw the CBD deep into the tissue for effective relief of pain and inflammation.Ā 

After 10+ years of research and experience with CBD we believe the best regimen is to ingest CBD daily and to use a topical for specific areas that need special attention. Everyone is different and their endocannabinoid system is created differently. With different quantities of CB1 and CB2 receptors in different areas of the body. Therefore everyone must find the proper dose that works for them through trial and error. Luckily there are no negative side effects commonly experienced with CBD ingestion. And there is no known level of CBD that is dangerous or harmful. So the only limiting factor is financial. If you’re reading this you are in luck because we are the producer of the most effective CBD supplements on the market! We are the only company who’s herbal formula (Pure PLUS) canĀ consistently increase the body’s ability to absorb CBD by 600%! Thus making our supplements 600% more effective! That’s why we say “1 of ours = 6 of theirs!”. We’ve included links in the next sentence.

The most popular supplements we sell are the Pure PLUSĀ TincturesĀ andĀ Capsules. And the most popular topical is ourĀ Pure CBD Aches and Sprains Salves.
We hope this information empowers you to take control of your health. Both physically and mentally. We’re always available to answer questions.Ā Contact usĀ via email, by phone (928) 862-0883, or click the Live Chat icon in the bottom right corner of every page.
-Chris PaceĀ  and the team of The Luv šŸ’š

“United by compassion for humanity’s sake!” – Nahko Bear

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